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Focus On The NEC

The NEC3 Engineering and Construction Contract has recently been recognised as ‘setting the benchmark’ for construction contracts by a UK government select committee and is increasingly being used as the contract of choice in the industry. First published in 1993, the 3rd, and current, edition was published in 2005. It is a “different” type of [...]

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Withholding Payment Under JCT and NEC Contacts

Provided that a party to a contract issues a compliant withholding notice setting out the ground or grounds and the sums attributable to each ground then the party may legitimately withhold. So what can you do to defend that position?

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Relevant Events and Compensation Events – A Comparison

For those of us who are used to JCT terminology it is not always easy to make the translation from JCT to NEC contracts. One of the most im- portant mechanisms in both contracts is dealing with change and exten- sion of time. The JCT 2005 suite of contracts deals with the effects of change [...]

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