The project consisted of the renewal of water distribution mains pipework under NEC Option A contracts. Contract values totalling £7m per annum.

The contractor was executing the mains renewals under an ICE form of contract but the client wanted to change to fixed price contracts. The contractor was unfamiliar with NEC and experienced problems understanding the contract, with setting up his project team to suit the new fixed price contract and in providing acceptable programmes.

The utilities contractor was at risk in respect to the understanding and application of the NEC form of contract and in the preparation of the requisite programmes.

RM were employed by the contractor in a role to understand the contractor’s current team, protocols and procedures and advise on the necessary project team for the new NEC contracts. RM provided new procedures for the contractor’s team and training on how these should be implemented.

RM prepared the initial programmes, having received timescales and periods from the contractor. RM provided monthly updated programmes against progress which was provided by the contractor. RM then provided training so that the contractor could gradually take over the programme updates itself.

Much of the role was hands on and RM created procedures after the practical understanding and implication was achieved.

RM is currently (September 2010) performing a similar role for a different region of this international contractor.