Commercial, Contractual, Planning & Programming: Dispute Prevention & Avoidance

When Ramskill Martin engages with a Client in respect to any matter, assisting that Client to avoid any formal Confrontation or Dispute is paramount.

Some Clients who are hugely experienced in the Construction and Engineering processes may have their own built in systems and procedures that help them to avoid disputes.  Many organisations do not necessarily have such support in their businesses.

Ramskill Martin has a "tool kit" that it adapts and shares with each of its Clients to help them to avoid otherwise destructive formal Disputes and here is a selection of the tools in the tool kit:

  1. Advice on the best Procurement route.

  2. Guidance and advice on the contractual arrangement.

  3. Contract and Sub-Contract reviews.

  4. Coaching and Training; see Ramskill Martin's Options 4 Training, click here.

  5. Properly prepared and maintained Logic Linked Programmes.

  6. Commercial and Contractual awareness Services.

  7. Project Team Support.

  8. Risk Analysis and Risk Management Products and Services, including:

    • Risk Reviews

    • Commercially Focussed Delay Analysis

  9. Best practice communications and record keeping.

  10. Helping Clients to fully understand their Obligations and Entitlements under each Contract and avoiding the "Off Side Trap" with for example Conditions Precedents.