Ramskill Martin has a Team of very experienced Planners and Programmers with a wealth of experience across all Construction and Engineering sectors, including but not limited to Stadia, Rail, High Rise residential and Mixed Use, Specialist Mechanical and Electrical, Power Stations, Nuclear Decommisioning, Manufacturing, Hospitals and Health Care, Hotels and Sports and Leisure and Mechanical Handling.

Across all these sectors a high level of expertise has been gained on most standard forms of Contract including but not limited to JCT Design and Build 2016, NEC3, NEC4 and FIDIC. Amongst other things Ramskill Martin's Planning Services include Tender, Contract and Baseline Programmes with years of experience using Asta Powerproject, Microsoft Project and Primavera.

Ramskill Martin works very closely with many of its Clients and assists them with Project Control, including but not limited to the preparation of the appropriate programmes, impacting progress and delays into programming and rescheduling, reprogramming to assist the Client to achieve betterment and in ensuring our Clients make and maintain all requisite records.

The more robust methods of Delay Analysis can only be carried out if specific information and records have been prepared, in the right way, during the project.  The choice of Delay Analysis therefore depends on the information available.

ramskill martin's Planning Services assist our Clients with Project Control and in producing a Robust Delay Analysis including:

  1. Project Programme Development:

    • Computer generated Fully Logic Linked Gantt Chart.

    • Programme options such as Time Risk Allowance.

  2. Progress Reporting:

    • Independent review of Actual Progress against Planned Progress.

    • Optional items including Project Line of Balance Progress.

  3. Delay / Disruption Analysis:

    • Detailed Programme Delay Analysis to investigate the events that have caused a project to over run including Time Slice Windows Analysis.

    • Slip Change Analysis.

    • Commercially Focussed Delay Analysis

    • 4D Delay Analysis.

Ramskill Martin has all the skills available for providing Planning, Programming, and Delay Analysis Services (see Ramskill Martin's Planning Services Menu) ranging from assistance with the preparation of a Compliant NEC3/4 Programme, and the impacting of Compensation Events through to providing a forensic Delay Analysis suitable for a Part 35 Expert Report.