ramskill martin provides highly technical and very practical Contractual advice to Employers, Main Contractors and Specialist Sub-Contractors. This advice can take many forms and is delivered in several ways depending on the requirement of our Client.

The areas of Contractual advice include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Providing Contract Reviews using the traffic light or A, B, C methods.

  2. Advice in respect to all standard forms of Contract, including the following:

    • JCT Contracts including JCT Design and Build 2016.

    • NEC Contracts including NEC3 and NEC4 including all Options A to F.

    • FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Construction.

    • FIDIC Sub-Contract.

  3. Interpretation of various Clauses and provisions.

  4. The operation of mechanisms in respect to Payment and Payless and Payless Notices.

  5. Management and pricing of Changes on JCT and other Contracts.

  6. Management and pricing of Compensation Events on NEC forms of Contract.

  7. Loss and/or Expense and General Damages.

  8. The identification and assistance with Contractual Notices and Submissions.

  9. Identification of Entitlement and Liabilty in respect to additional Time on all forms of Contract.

  10. Winter working and Adverse Weather.

  11. Liquidated Damages.

  12. Design and Design Liability.

  13. Termination and Repudiation.


The delivery of the advice can be in many forms including:

  1. Verbally over the telephone or face to face.

  2. In a written bullet point report.

  3. Written in a fully reasoned report.

  4. Detailed in a Risk Review.

  5. A formal Expert Opinion.

  6. In writing via ramskill martin's formal online Help.