ramskill martin has a huge amount of experience in helping its Clients on projects that for several reasons run into difficulties. These difficulties are often caused by other parties and not directly by our Clients; however, they clearly need to deal with the issues and where possible turn the project around.

Once most projects are facing difficulties a full turnaround is not usually possible. The reason for this that programmes and budgets are so tight that there is no room to manoeuvre with insufficient scope for full recovery.

ramskill martin has a team of experienced Programmers, Planners and Delay Analysts together with experienced Quantity Surveyors who, working as a team, can for example; implement revised target Programmes with Accelerative measures if that is viable and Value engineer the remaining elements of the unexpected budget to stabilize the project viability.

The key principal Benefit with these ramskill martin services is that before any of the proposed plan is implemented, it is tested with a fully considered Cost Benefit Analysis together with an initial Risk Review and a Commercially Focused Delay Analysis (“CFDA”) to establish if the Plan can work at the outset.

At all times ramskill martin provides solutions that make Business sense.