Project Leadership & Management: Employer’s Agent

The Employer’s Agent role on JCT Design and Build Contracts is quite different to that of other Forms of Contract. The Employer’s Agent is a key member of the team in the construction phase, undertaking Contract Administration duties during this period and ensuring instructions and changes are implemented in accordance with the Contract Documents.

ramskill martin’s knowledge and experience on the JCT Design and Build Forms of Contract is fundamental to Clients properly experiencing the benefits of this form of procurement together with ensuring that it achieves its objectives and vision in respect to time, cost and quality and avoids conflicts and disputes.

Although the unamended form of JCT Design and Build does not require a programme, ramskill martin’s Employers Agent introduces the requirement for a Programme to be provided in native format by the Contractor. This can be fundamental to increasing the Employer’s certainty in respect to project delivery.

Some of the key skill sets of the Employer’s Agent include:

  • Understanding the Contract and the Law, to assist with the avoidance of conflicts and disputes.

  • Making assessments of the changes instructed.

  • Assessment of the programme (understanding float, concurrency, logic links, Key Dates, programming software) and making decisions.

  • Record keeping.

  • Risk Management.

  • Understanding the Employer’s Requirements and the Contractor’s Proposals.

  • Setting up the Recitals, Articles and Contract Particulars.

  • Managing change and time issues in accordance with the Contract.

A full review of the native version of the Programme enables the Employer’s Agent to reassure the Employer that the project can be delivered in the timescales offered by the Contractor.

ramskill martin provides advice throughout the RIBA Plan of Work of the project to help our Clients control it accurately and in line with the Contract Documents, meeting contractual timescales, costs and quality.

ramskill martin has a wealth of experience in-house with a team of Chartered Quantity Surveyors, experienced Quantity Surveyors who are working towards RICS accreditation and Graduate Quantity Surveyors. This means that, together with its team of Project Managers, Ramskill Martin can provide the Employer’s Agent services at a professional and competent level.